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External Carriers

Stand tall in our clean-front or shirt-front external vest carriers, designed for wearing over your uniform. Our external carriers are made from a tough 500 denier rip stop nylon outer fabric, with breathable 3D inner mesh lining, have fully adjustable shoulders and can be attached by our new patent pending Quickloc™ self-aligning magnetic side attachment system or single or double overlapping Velcro®. There’s also room to add soft trauma pads or hard trauma plates, which come in numerous sizes and protection levels.

Takoda Front Takoda Unisex Shirt Front Vest PRE Labs Inc.

In the Sioux language, Takoda is considered “Everyone’s Friend”.


Takoda Front Tala Shirt Front Vest - Female Cut PRE Labs Inc.

Tala is a female wolf. Strong and agile, she is a fierce fighter and defender of the pack.


Cheveyo Front Cheveyo Unisex Clean Front Vest PRE Labs Inc.

The Hopi consider Cheveyo to be a spirit warrior. As a spirit warrior, you are visionary, a skilled…


Cheveyo Front Peta Female Cut Clean Front Vest PRE Labs Inc.

In the Blackfoot Nation, the word for Golden Eagle is Peta. The Golden Eagle represents courage, wisdom…