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Hard Armour Solutions

We use state-of-the-art high pressure presses to make our NIJ compliant and certified ballistic resistant Level IIIA, III, III+ and IV body armour plates. Our hard armour solutions provide you with that extra protection by defending against  high-velocity and armour piercing threats and come in numerous sizes and cut configurations.

At PRE Labs, we are continuously seeking new and innovative technologies that can improve ballistic protection while reducing weight and cost.

* ICW plates are designed to be used in conjunction with level II or IIIA soft body armour.

Trauma Plates
Threat Level        Certification       Cut/Curve      Dimensions       
IIIA        Compliant         Full/Single13x21 cm / 5x8 in    .15 kg / .34 lb    
IIIA        Compliant         Full/Single
18x26 cm / 7x10 in  
.27 kg / .60 lb   
IIIA        Compliant         Shooters Cut22.5x30 cm / 10x12 in  .43 kg / .97 lb   


      Rifle Plates  
Threat Level        Certification       Cut/Curve      Dimensions       Weight      
III        Compliant    Shooters Cut
22.5x30 cm / 10x12 in  1.4 kg / 3.0 lb   
III+       Compliant    Shooters Cut
22.5x30 cm / 10x12 in  1.4 kg / 3.0 lb   
III HP *ICW       Compliant Shooters Cut
22.5x30 cm / 10x12 in  1.1 kg / 2.4 lb   
IV        .06 Certified     Shooters Cut20x25 cm / 8x10 in  2.5 kg / 5.5 lb   
IV        .06 Certified      Shooters Cut
22.5x30 cm / 10x12 in  3.3 kg / 7.2 lb