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External Carriers

Stand tall in our clean-front or shirt-front external vest carriers, designed for wearing over your uniform. Our external carriers are made from a tough 500 denier rip stop nylon outer fabric, with breathable 3D inner mesh lining, have fully adjustable shoulders and can be attached by our new patent pending Quickloc™ self-aligning magnetic side attachment system or single or double overlapping Velcro®. There’s also room to add soft trauma pads or hard trauma plates, which come in numerous sizes and protection levels.

Takoda Front Takoda Shirt Front Carrier, Unisex Cut - $258.05 PRE Labs Inc.

In the Sioux language, Takoda is considered “Everyone’s Friend”.


Takoda Front Tala Shirt Front Carrier, Female Cut - $258.50 PRE Labs Inc.

Tala is a female wolf. Strong and agile, she is a fierce fighter and defender of the pack.


Cheveyo Front Cheveyo Clean Front Carrier, Unisex Cut - $241.00 PRE Labs Inc.

The Hopi consider Cheveyo to be a spirit warrior. As a spirit warrior, you are visionary, a skilled…


Cheveyo Front Peta Clean Front Carrier, Female Cut - $241.00 PRE Labs Inc.

In the Blackfoot Nation, the word for Golden Eagle is Peta. The Golden Eagle represents courage, wisdom…