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& Comfort

Ballistic performance, lightweight, and superbly comfortable.

Performance and comfort are the two most important features when considering purchasing your body armour.

At PRE Labs we have decades of experience designing armour solutions that are exceptionally high in ballistic performance, lightweight and due to the cut and fit of the armour panels superbly comfortable. 

Each of our ballistic armour solutions goes through the rigorous testing protocols of the US National Institute of Justice 0101.06 Compliance Standards and are certified to meet or exceed these standards. Our stab armour designs also go through NIJ Compliance testing protocols and are tested to the NIJ 0115.00 stab resistant standards. Performance is a must and at PRE Labs we continuously strive to design the best ballistic and stab armour solutions available, utilizing highly advanced materials and construction techniques.

You can find our compliant product listings on the NIJ website by clicking on the following links or for more detailed information on the ballistic and stab performance of our products.

NIJ Ballistic Armour Compliant Models

NIJ Stab Armour Compliant Models

Designing body armour that is comfortable is as challenging as designing it to stop bullets and knives. This is where our extensive knowledge of how to properly size you for a vest; how to convert your measurements into accurate armour panel shapes; and what materials to use in making the armour panels and carriers, all comes into play.

PRE Labs has spent years analyzing human body shapes and sizes in order to develop complex algorithms, which we use to optimize your armour panel shapes. Our algorithms also help us identify incorrect measurements so the likelihood that you will require an alteration to your armour is exceedingly low.