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Amaruq Tactical
Armour System

lean in stature, agile in action,
and powerfully built.

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Denali Tactical
Armour System

Versatile, High-Performance Armour
Built for Modern Law Enforcement.

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Hard Armour
Rifle Plates

Maximum Protection and Reliability.
Reduced Weight and Increased Mobility.

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Canadian Owned
& Operated

Intelligent body armour solutions.
Comfort, meets performance.

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The Science
of Survival

Our in-house scientists and engineers explore how the materials we use are impacted by various environmental conditions, and how we can design body armour to better protect against ballistic impacts.

Research & Development

Protective Systems

Harnessing exclusive technologies developed by both scientists and former security and defence professionals, we produce armour that provides superior protection, is lightweight, fits perfectly and is exceptionally comfortable.

Performance & Comfort

Certifications &

I literally can't think of a better product currently on the market... The customer service was exceptional, the best I have experienced in this line of work. This was a fast, painless process with top notch staff.

"[PRE Labs] customer service was above the industry standard. They were excellent and easy to work with and had no problems catering to my small departmental needs. The armour we received was comfortable, affordable, and well made. I would definitely order from PRE Labs again."

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NIJ Certified International Ballistic Society Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI)

Front-Line Heroes

With the industry’s most innovative technology and the most trusted certifications behind our body armour, PRE Labs has become a choice supplier of armour to security, defence, military and police organizations across North America and the world.

Industry Solutions


Each of our ballistic armour solutions goes through the rigorous testing protocols of the National Institute of Justice 0101.06 Compliance Standards and are certified to meet or exceed these standards.

Quality Assurance