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Amaruq Tactical
Armour System

Lean in stature, agile in action,
and powerfully built.

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PRE Labs products
are NIJ certified

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Canadian Owned
& Operated

Intelligent body armour solutions.
Comfort, meets performance.

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Dear Valued Customers,

Following many requests, PRE Labs has allocated part of its production capacity to manufacture protective face shields for medical staff, first responders, and others in need of this vital PPE. 

Our phenomenal production team has been able to design and manufacture these lifesaving products in record time and we would like to thank all of them for their outstanding dedication. To-date, we have successfully delivered over 8,000 face shields to front line workers.

Face Shield Product Info

Four Major Customers Choose PRE Labs Tactical Body Armour Systems

Four Major Customers Choose PRE Labs Tactical Body Armour Systems

PRE Labs has again become the choice supplier of body armour systems to several public and private agencies.

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The Science of Survival

PRE Labs Carriers incorporate Outlast temperature regulating fabrics

PRE Labs Carriers incorporate Outlast temperature regulating fabrics


High-Performance Protective Systems

PRE Labs is one of North America’s most trusted manufacturers of innovative body armour systems and survivability products. 

Harnessing exclusive technologies developed by both scientists and former security and defense professionals, we produce armour that provides superior protection, is lightweight, fits perfectly and is exceptionally comfortable. 

All of our solutions are certified to domestic and international standards including the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) 0101.06 compliance protocols.

When you’re on the front line in PRE Labs armour, you know you’re wearing the best.

The PRE Labs Difference


With the industry’s most innovative technology and the most trusted certifications behind our body armour, PRE Labs has become a choice supplier of armour to security, defense, military and police organizations across North America and the world.




The PRE Labs armour products that leave our state-of-the-art facility incorporate new materials, technologies and fitting methods to offer the ultimate in everyday comfort.

Pallaton-Black-FrontAngle-Clean Pallaton™ Tactical Carrier PRE Labs Inc.

The name Pallaton means 'warrior' and is of Native American origin. Warriors have a deep inner desire to lead, organize and supervise.


Dyami-SideAngle Dyami™ Concealable Carrier PRE Labs Inc.

Dyami is the word for eagle in the Sioux language. The eagle represents courage, wisdom, and strength.


Takoda-SideAngle-Clean Takoda™ Shirt Front Carrier PRE Labs Inc.

In the Sioux language, Takoda is considered “Everyone’s Friend”. Takoda is professional, accessible, and approachable.


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  • Performance and Comfort
  • Customer Service Commitment
  • Research and Development
  • Quality Assuranc

Performance & Comfort

Ballistic performance, lightweight, and superbly comfortable.

Performance and comfort are the two most important features when considering purchasing your body armour. At PRE Labs we have decades of experience designing armour solutions that are exceptionally high in ballistic performance, lightweight and due to the cut and fit of the armour panels superbly comfortable.

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Customer Service Commitment

Superior products. Superior service.

At PRE Labs, we strive to develop protective police and military gear that is more advanced and reliable than anything else on the market. When it comes to our customer service, we have the same commitment to the highest standards.

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Research & Development

Innovation is what we do.

PRE Labs is founded on the idea that through continuous innovation and the science of survival, our products will protect you in the most extreme conditions.

The search for military and police gear that offers superior performance, fit and comfort led us to develop a suite of body armour products now used and trusted by organizations across North America.

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Quality Assurance

When it comes to your body armour, every detail counts.

At PRE Labs, we guarantee the products we’re manufacturing are of the highest standards. Delivering on that promise starts and ends with a commitment to developing the best armour solutions we can make.

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