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Dec 06, 2023

PRE Labs Inc. Welcomes Blayne Hettinga as Head of R&D

PRE Labs Inc. Fortifies R&D Leadership with the Appointment of Blayne Hettinga Ph.D.

In a significant stride towards pioneering innovation and research excellence, PRE Labs Inc. proudly announces the appointment of Dr. Blayne Hettinga as the Director of Research and Development. A distinguished scholar and seasoned professional, Dr. Hettinga brings a formidable wealth of experience and an impressive track record of transformative leadership to our esteemed organization.

Dr. Hettinga, self-described as a "curious, innovation driver," has earned acclaim for his adept exploration of disruptive ideas and unwavering commitment to challenging conventional paradigms. His visionary approach aligns seamlessly with PRE Labs Inc.'s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is achievable, making him an ideal architect of the next phase of our research and development endeavors.

As a servant leader, Dr. Hettinga has distinguished himself by building and empowering high-performance teams throughout his illustrious career. Notably, his roles as Director Athlete Science, Director Product Science, and Senior Manager Sports Science within the Innovation department at ADIDAS exemplify his proficiency in steering projects to success within dynamic and demanding environments. At PRE Labs Inc., his leadership is poised to cultivate an environment that prizes hard work, fosters innovation, and champions diversity of thought.

Possessing a Ph.D. of Biomechanics in Kinesiology from the prestigious Human Performance Lab at the University of Calgary, Dr. Hettinga's academic foundation is nothing short of stellar. His extensive portfolio of peer-reviewed publications attests to his unwavering dedication to advancing knowledge in the field. We anticipate that his scholarly acumen will be a driving force in elevating the caliber of research conducted within our organization.

Dr. Hettinga's primary mandate at PRE Labs Inc. is to spearhead collaborative university partnerships, direct materials research programs, pursues new opportunities, and stay current on government grants to achieve long-term strategic goals for PRE Labs. His deliberate approach to resource allocation aligns seamlessly with our organizational ethos, ensuring a strategic and effective pursuit of our desired goals and outcomes.
In welcoming Dr. Blayne Hettinga to PRE Labs Inc., we anticipate a transformative chapter marked by groundbreaking research, visionary leadership, and unparalleled innovation. His passion for exploration, commitment to excellence, and proven track record make him an invaluable asset to our organization.
Join us in extending a warm welcome to Dr. Hettinga as we collectively embark on an exciting journey of pioneering advancements and industry-leading research at PRE Labs Inc.


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