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& Development

Innovation is what we do. 

PRE Labs is founded on the idea that through continuous innovation and the science of survival, our products will protect you in the most extreme conditions. 

The search for military and police gear that offers superior performance, fit and comfort led us to develop a suite of body armour products now used and trusted by organizations across North America.  

As we strive to continue innovating in body armour products, we: 

Research the science of survival first-hand. To improve survival products, we need to understand the science behind it. Our in-house scientist and engineers explore how the materials we use are impacted by various environmental conditions, and how we can design body armour to better protect against ballistic impacts.

Develop new technology and materials that will improve protection, reduce weight and provide superior comfort. We also want police and military personnel who wear our products to have protection through the life of their body armour. We are researching intelligent body armour that will indicate if conditions have degraded the ballistic material’s performance. We are also pursuing all-new hard body armour solutions that utilize the latest in materials technologies.

Have our products tested by independent third party labs as we adhere to standards set by the U.S. National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and other international testing organizations to ensure products are safe, reliable and perform to established metrics.

Form partnerships with other innovators. We work on research programs with science innovators like the University of Alberta, and we are members of organizations such as the Canadian Security Material Technology Roadmap (SMTRM), an industry-led strategic planning process designed to foster development of innovative products and systems for law enforcement and military agencies in Canada.

We look forward to providing continued leadership in the research and development of survivability products.

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