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Corrections Officers & Prison Guards

Essential Protection to Perform Your Duties Safely

Whether you work in a federal minimum, medium, maximum or multi-level security penitentiary or a provincial jail, correctional facility or detention centre, we provide the essential protection you need to perform your duties safely.

In most circumstances, you may not have to deal with ballistic threats. However, the potential for injury from a stab or spike threat from homemade weapons, knives, hypodermic needles and other sharp objects is a reality. Impact protection is another important factor when dealing with a body or cell search, cell extraction, riots, or other high-risk correction situations.

With our concealable stab-resistant vests, you can ensure protection from threats such as spikes and knives along with your chosen level of ballistic protection. Available in both male and female styles, they feature tough outer fabrics along with highly breathable 3D inner mesh lining.

Our external carriers will offer you the ability to add trauma pads or plates to reduce blunt trauma impact or for added protection against knives and sharp objects.

Cheveyo-DarkNavy-SideAngle-Clean Cheveyo™ Clean Front Carrier PRE Labs Inc.

Cheveyo™ Clean Front Carrier

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Chatan-Ranger-SideAngle-Clean Chatan™ Tactical Carrier PRE Labs Inc.

Chatan™ Tactical Carrier

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Denali-DarkNavy-SideAngle-Clean Denali™ Tactical Armour System PRE Labs Inc.

Denali™ Tactical Armour System

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Pallaton-Blavk-DoubleVelcro-SideAngle-Clean Pallaton™ Tactical Carrier PRE Labs Inc.

Pallaton™ Tactical Carrier

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Product Development & Custom Solutions

We work closely with individuals and departments to design and develop systems to fit their specific requirements. Get the best fit and protection possible, contact our team of experts today to explore your high-performance body armour solution.

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