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When it comes to your body armour, every detail counts. 

At PRE Labs, we guarantee the products we’re manufacturing are of the highest standards. Delivering on that promise starts and ends with a commitment to developing the best armour solutions we can make. 

How do we make only the highest quality survivability products, proven to offer superior protection, comfort and fit?

Our approach to quality assurance includes:

  • Industry-leading developers and researchers. Our team is driven by decades of field experience and the science of survival.
  • Incredible attention to detail at every step. We monitor and assess every single product that moves through our factory to ensure your product is perfect.
  • Independent, third-party testing is a major part of our quality assurance program and our promise to adhere to the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and other recognized international standards. These standards and tests provide validation that our equipment is safe, reliable and exceeds established performance requirements.

In our constant pursuit of manufacturing police and military equipment of the highest standards, PRE Labs is proud to be pursuing ISO-9001 2015 certification.