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Mar 26, 2019

PRE Labs Awared Canadian Military Contract

PRE Labs Inc. Wins Contract to Supply High-Performance Body Armour to the Canadian Military. PRE Labs has been chosen to provide Canada’s Military Police with state-of-the-art concealable body armour. The contract, awarded at the beginning of March, is a multi-year program to supply the Company’s highest performance, lightest weight armour solution. “We are pleased to be working with Canada’s Department…

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Dec 27, 2018

PRE Labs Inc. Wins Major Research Contract

PRE Labs Inc. has recently been awarded a research contract through the Innovative Solutions Canada Program (ISC) to develop Robust Omniphobic Coatings (ROCs) for personal protective ensembles worn by military personnel and first responders. ROCs are unique chemical compounds which, when applied to many types of fabrics, exhibit extreme solid and liquid repellency. The objective of this research contract is…

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Jun 28, 2018

PRE Labs Adds Outlast Temperature Control Fabrics to its Product Offering!

Outlast Temperature Regulation: Outlast materials will keep you more comfortable by absorbing excess body heat when you create too much and releasing it when you need it most. You stay warmer with less bulk sweat less over a broad range of environments and activity levels.All day comfort, warmth without bulk, less overheating, less chill and less transpiration!Outlast fabrics are available in most…

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Built in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) Award
Feb 20, 2018

Built in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) Award

PRE Labs has recently been awarded a contract for the Canadian Government to develop a modular hard body armour system, which will be utilized by Canadian Federal Law Enforcement and Military agencies. This innovative design will provide security forces the ability to tailor the protection levels of their hard body armour plates. The base plate design will weigh less than three pounds and protect against…

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