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Solutions For Military

Operational, functional, and Highly Protective

We develop military body armour to suit specific mission requirements and design advanced systems for those who serve in the armed forces, air force, navy, or in peace keeping missions around the world.

We use the Science of Survival™ to supply external and concealable military and tactical gear for men and women that serve mission-specific requirements and use next-generation materials and construction methods. All of our body armour is developed with the most lightweight yet durable fabrics, and easy-to-access closures, fittings, and components so you can perform at your best.

Our hard body armour plates consist of rigid panels of ballistic-resistant materials that are designed to offer superior protection against high-velocity ball and armour piercing rounds. They are rigorously tested in independent ballistic labs and are NIJ 0101.06 certified up to Level IV and special threat protection.

Depending on your operational requirements, we can certify our soft armour panels to a variety of international standards including NIJ 0101.06, STANAG 2920, HOSDB 2007 or customized standards required to defeat ballistic and fragmentation threats.  

Cheveyo-DarkNavy-SideAngle-Clean Cheveyo™ Clean Front Carrier PRE Labs Inc.

Cheveyo™ Clean Front Carrier

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Amaruq-WolfGrey-SideAngle-Clean Amaruq™ Tactical Armour System PRE Labs Inc.

Amaruq™ Tactical Armour System

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Takoda-DarkNavy-SideAngle Takoda™ Shirt Front Carrier PRE Labs Inc.

Takoda™ Shirt Front Carrier

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Chatan-Ranger-SideAngle-Clean Chatan™ Tactical Carrier PRE Labs Inc.

Chatan™ Tactical Carrier

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Product Development & Custom Solutions

We work closely with individuals and departments to design and develop systems to fit their specific requirements. Get the best fit and protection possible, contact our team of experts today to explore your high-performance body armour solution.

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