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Soft Armour

Secure and snug, our soft armour solutions are NIJ-Certified to Level II and Level IIIA and come in a variety of weight and price options. They are all ultrasonically sealed in waterproof pouches to protect them from exposure to moisture, ultraviolet radiation, or damaging chemicals. The panel covers are also antibacterial and antimicrobial thus reducing odours and discolouration from body perspiration.

Our custom sizing algorithms provide you with the most accurate fitting armour in the industry, guaranteeing maximum coverage and comfort. In addition, our armour panels are transferable from one carrier style to another, allowing you to tailor your carrier style to your operational needs.

We offer unmatched armour solutions combined with the best fitting vests in the industry.

110-st-darrenhull-A31A4163 Style 2/17 & 2/18F Ballistic Panel Models - From $877.00 PRE Labs Inc.

Our level II Style 2/17 and 2/18F armour models are both fully certified to the NIJ 0101.06 Compliance…


110-st-darrenhull-A31A4163 Style 5/17 Ballistic Panels, From - $829.00 PRE Labs Inc.

Our level IIIA Style 5/17 armour panels weigh only 1.15 pounds per square foot and are fully certified…


110-st-darrenhull-A31A4163 Style 6/17 Ballistic Panels PRE Labs Inc.

Our level IIIA Style 6/17 armour panels weigh only .90 pounds per square foot and are fully certified…


Spike-Stab-SBA-Front-PRELabs Spike/Stab Body Armour PRE Labs Inc.

PRE Labs uses advanced ballistic materials and manufacturing technologies to produce the lightest, highest…