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Law Enforcement
& Police

PRE Labs offers armour designs that suit all levels of law enforcement operations from general duty, tactical, emergency response, undercover, and security services, just to name a few.

General duty officers can get the most out of our concealable carriers, made from materials designed to wick away moisture and keep you cool while giving you the utmost protection in high-risk situations.

PRE Labs external carriers come in a variety of clean professional styles and can be fitted to match your uniform. All vests can be attached by our patent pending QuickLoc™ self-aligning magnetic side attachment system or single or double overlap Velcro®.

Those in high-risk operations can get ultimate protection from our tactical carriers. Outfitted with extensive MOLLE webbing, you can configure as many pouches as you need for all your necessary equipment and accessories. These vests also come with numerous NIJ 0101.06 certified Level II and IIIA armour options, optional patent pending QuickLoc™ self-aligning magnetic side attachment, and can be outfitted with NIJ 0101.06 certified Level III, III+ and IV hard body armour plates.

Those in covert operations – detective, VIP, undercover – can stay protected while undetected in our ultra-concealable vest, which has no lumps or bumps caused by seams or Velcro® closures. The vest’s ballistic edges are also beveled making it extremely difficult to detect. 

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Takoda-SideAngle-Clean Takoda™ Shirt Front Carrier PRE Labs Inc.

In the Sioux language, Takoda is considered “Everyone’s Friend”. Takoda is professional, accessible, and approachable.


Cheveyo-Front Cheveyo™ Clean Front Carrier PRE Labs Inc.

The Hopi consider Cheveyo to be a spirit warrior. A spirit warrior is a visionary and possesses a deep understanding of the laws of harmony and balance.


PRELabs-Amaruq-Coyote-SideAngle-Clean Amaruq™ Tactical Armour System PRE Labs Inc.

Meaning Grey Wolf in the Inuktitut language, Amaruq is lean in stature, agile in action, and powerfully built.


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