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Read reviews and testimonials from some of our clients.

" I discovered Pre-Labs while looking to equip my new department with body armour. I was looking for a particular design for our carriers, and a particular threat level protection. Having previously tried to work with another Canadian manufacturer and had been greatly disappointed with both customer service and product, I was glad to have found Pre-Labs! Pre-Labs' customer service was above industry standard. They were excellent and easy to work with, and had no problems catering to my small departmental needs. The armour we received were comfortable, affordable, and well made. I would definitely order from Pre-Labs again. "

Derek Yang ( Manager of Community Safety and Justice )

" I honestly didn't think I would ever find a vest with all the custom options I needed with a comfortable fit until I found Pre Lab Inc. After a tour of the facility and speaking with the Pre Lab Inc team, I knew I found a high caliber company to make my vest. They are very professional, knowledgeable, and inviting, and they were able to customize my vest to a perfect fit - it actually feels like putting on a coat! Their product is superior in fit, design, and innovation, and I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a quality product. I was also pleasantly surprised that Pre Lab Inc was able to produce and deliver my vest in less than 3 weeks. "


" We have had our vests for over 4 months now and are continuously satisfied with the quality of vests PRE LABS made for us! The features the vests come with not only make us feel comfortable but more protected every day we put them on to go to work. From day 1 of working with pre labs to have our vests made to suit each of us, the team has been informative, willing to help us get the best possible vests, and genuine. They have continued to reach out and ensure we are satisfied with our products. We have received numerous compliments on our vests for the quality, professional look, and features it comes with. We'll recommend PRElabs to anyone! Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to a great company! "

Hillary M. and Nick D.