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The Deanli is lightweight and covers all of the vitals. The rapid release makes it easy to gear down in the office. I can wear my hard armour inside the pocket so all of my molle attachments are free for me to utilize.

I literally can't think of a better product currently on the market. On thing I would recommend to the buyer, the additional pockets inside the pocket where the hard armour goes, put them in front of the armour not behind.

The customer service was exceptional, the best I have experienced in this line of work. This was a fast, painless process with top notch staff. The follow-up afterwards was even better.

I discovered PRE Labs while looking to equip my new department with body armour. I was looking for a particular design for our carriers, and a particular threat level protection.

Having previously tried to work with another Canadian manufacturer and had been greatly disappointed with both customer service and product, I was glad to have found PRE Labs! Their customer service was above the industry standard. They were excellent and easy to work with and had no problems catering to my small departmental needs.

The armour we received was comfortable, affordable, and well made. I would definitely order from PRE Labs again.

The PRE Labs Pallaton has been my daily carrier for over 15 months and I am still impressed by its performance. I found my company issued vest did not offer all the features and configuration options I needed. I was looking for additional MOLLE for my gear and an integrated pocket for a trauma plate.

I provided PRE Labs with tracings of my body armour panels and they were able to custom fit them perfectly - they fit like a glove! The Pallaton also fit great and is comfortable to wear even during long shifts.

Their customer service was also extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. I would definitely recommend PRE Labs if you are looking for quality, made-in-Canada body armour products.

We have had our vests for over four months now and are continuously satisfied with the quality of vests PRE Labs made for us!

The features the vests come with not only make us feel comfortable but more protected every day we put them on to go to work. From day one of working with PRE Labs to have our vests made to suit each of us, the team has been informative, willing to help us get the best possible vests, and genuine. They have continued to reach out and ensure we are satisfied with our products.

We have received numerous compliments on our vests for the quality, professional look, and features it comes with. We'll recommend PRE Labs to anyone! Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to a great company!

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