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Sales Policies

Effective October 21, 2020

Body Armour Control  

PRE Labs will need to verify the validity and documentation of the purchaser before the sale of any body armour products. 

Depending on where you live, there may be restrictions on the purchase of body armour. When in doubt, check your local laws and regulations to find out if you require a permit.  

Purchasing Body Armour in Canada 

The Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia each control who can legally possess body armour: 

Carrier Alterations/Revisions 

PRE Labs offers a 60-day custom fit guarantee and will alter your carrier/panels free of charge providing: 

  • the vest is returned within 60 days of the original date of receipt from PRE Labs, and 
  • the carrier was manufactured to carry PRE Labs certified armour panels, and 
  • the sizing measurements provided were deemed correct at the time of placing the order. 

Alternations will be subject to additional costs if: 

  • It is outside of the 60-day period from the receipt of the product. 
  • The carrier was produced to fit your existing armour panels (non-PRE Labs) and alterations are requested. 
  • Specific panel/carrier dimensions were requested but need/want to be altered once received 
  • Incorrect measurements were initially provided and the carrier/panel requires alterations or re-order. 
  • The alteration is a personal preference request. 

Alterations will be performed upon PRE Labs receipt of a completed RMA form with alteration/resizing instructions and any payment information if required (Purchase Order or Credit Card) along with the returned product. Alterations may be subject to additional lead times but under normal circumstances we address them as a priority whenever possible. 

Returns and Exchanges 

All returns and exchanges will be handled on a case by case scenario. Please note that PRE Labs is not responsible for items damaged during shipping. 

Non-refundable items: 

  • Worn, altered or customer-damaged items 
  • Hard armour plates 
  • Ballistic shields 
  • Special order items 


PRE Labs offers a two (2) year warranty on materials and workmanship for all its carriers and a warranty period of five (5) years for all armour panels. Please refer to the full warranty documentation included with your product for further details. 

Do not attempt to repair your carrier or armour panels yourself as it may affect the ballistic performance of your product. If you observe any damage or potential issues with your vest carrier or armour panels, please contact us immediately. 

All repairs outside of the stated warranty period will be subject to additional costs. 

Our commitment 

We pride ourselves in producing high-performance armour products that are unmatched in quality, offer a superior fit, and provide exceptional comfort. Please call us at 1-877-435-7360 if you have any questions about any of our sales policies. Thank you for choosing PRE Labs! 

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