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Private Security & Government Agencies

Crucial Protection To Safely Perform Your Duties

Protection at all levels of detail and patrolling is a necessity when performing at-risk duties. This may be in fields such as animal control, bylaw enforcement, wildlife and conservation protection, Coast Guard, sheriff’s office, and First Nations policing.

We offer ideal solutions for private security personnel as well as those who work in government agency fields.

Those who work for municipal, provincial or federal government agencies may require a more covert protection system. Our concealable carriers are low-profile, lightweight, and offer multiple threat protection options.

If you need access to additional gear, our clean-front or shirt-front external carriers come in an approachable, professional look and can be fitted to match your uniform.

Chatan-Ranger-SideAngle-Clean Chatan™ Tactical Carrier PRE Labs Inc.

Chatan means "hawk" in native American Sioux. Chatan is swift, precise, and moves about with agility and power.


Cheveyo-Front Cheveyo™ Clean Front Carrier PRE Labs Inc.

The Hopi consider Cheveyo to be a spirit warrior. A spirit warrior is a visionary and possesses a deep understanding of the laws of harmony and balance.


Denali-SideAngle-Clean Denali™ Tactical Armour System PRE Labs Inc.

In the Athabascan language, Denali is considered 'The Great One'; above and beyond the rest.


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Product Development & Custom Solutions

We work closely with individuals and departments to design and develop systems to fit their specific requirements. Get the best fit and protection possible, contact our team of experts today to explore your high-performance body armour solution.

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