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  1. Weight: It is important for us to have your accurate weight. Planning on losing weight? Great! Let us know that too. There is generally 4” of adjustment available in each carrier so you have some wiggle room after thanksgiving dinner.
  2. Height: In inches. Best if you get a partner to measure to take out the guesswork.
  3. Chest Circumference: Taken by wrapping the measuring tape around the chest at the nipple line and the let the arms rest down by your side. The chest expands slightly when the arms are by your sides. 
  4. Abdominal Girth: This is the measurement of the “chubby parts/Molson muscle/muffin top”. The area that is below the belly button but not the hips. This is not the pant waist measurement. 
  5. Front Chest Length: Taken by placing the tip of the measuring tape at the base of the sternal notch (the divot between the clavicles at the top of the sternum). Extend the tape to the top of your duty belt.  
  6. Back Chest Length: Taken by pacing the tip of the measuring tape at the prominent vertebrae at the base of the neck and extend it to the top of your duty belt.  
  7. Chest Width: This can be a tricky one, but if you think of what this measurement translates into it makes a lot of sense. This will be the width of the carrier across the chest. Women are usually 8-9 inches, men on average range from 9-13 inches depending on if they have a “broad” chest. 
  8. For female shaped armour: 
    1.  We also need the under bust measurement.
    2. The cup size, as well as does the officer wears a sports bra or a regular cupped bra under their armour. 
  9. The distance from the duty belt to the armpit can also be very helpful. 
  10. Measuring someone else: If you are measuring someone who carries their weight in the front (has a bit of a belly) please send a side profile photo. We don’t need a photos of their head (confidentiality), and this is also helps when sizing women. My theory is that you can never send me too much information. 
  11. We are available and happy to be online while you measure the first few officers (until you get more confident in your measuring skills).
  12. If someone currently wears body armour and they like the front and back measurement of their current body armour, please include that information in the "additional information" section of the sizing form.

If you require additional sizing help, please give us a call: 1-778-753-6539

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