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Mar 02, 2021

Solve Common Body Armour Challenges with the Denali™ Tactical Armour System

In the Athabascan language, Denali is considered 'The Great One', above and beyond the rest.

In the Athabascan language, Denali is considered 'The Great One', above and beyond the rest.

The Denali™ Tactical Armour System by PRE Labs offers the ultimate versatility in a body armour carrier. Highlighted by its unique design, innovative features, and quality construction, the Denali™ has quickly become the choice carrier for Canadian law enforcement.

Rapid Attachment and Release

The vest is available with our proprietary QUICKLOC™ Side Attachment System allows lightning-quick attachment and release due to its unique magnetic fasteners and pull release components.

We pride ourselves on offering quality, high-performance components on our carrier systems. This is part of our dedication to deliver innovative survivability products you can trust to perform when you need them most.

Tactical Insert Plate Pockets (TIPP™)

The Denali™ Tactical Armour System solves common challenges faced with equipping hard armour rifle plates when responding to an active shooter situation.

Traditionally, officers would attach a plate carrier overtop of their body armour carrier. Unfortunately, this can cause a few problems; the plate can potentially be in a compromised position not providing proper vital coverage; it can add significant bulk restricting movement and mobility, and it reduces or eliminates access to pouches that may contain critical equipment.

The Denali’s integrated Tactical Insert Plate Pockets (TIPP™) eliminate these challenges and offer a streamlined method of inserting hard body armour in seconds. The pocket also maintains all-day comfort for officers that continuously wear their rifle plates.

Armour Plate Positioning System (APPS™)

The Armour Plate Positioning System (APPS™) allows for dynamic rifle plate adjustment to ensure the proper positioning of inserted plates. This maintains the vital coverage of the aortic region and provides maximum protection to the operator.

The uniquely designed system lifts the rifle plate to the base of the throat and is seamlessly integrated into the Tactical Insert Plate Pockets (TIPP™) for quick and easy adjustment on the fly. Simply insert the rifle plate and adjust the inner suspension elastic upward so the plate sits just below the base of the throat.

Built for Comfort and Mobility

Each Denali™ is custom made using our proprietary sizing algorithms to ensure maximum coverage and comfort. The vest accepts a variety of NIJ Certified soft armour panels or, we can tailor the vest to your company-issued body armour.

Denali Tactical Armour System from PRE Labs
Denali Tactical Armour System from PRE Labs

The Denali™ is available with double-overlap Velcro® Brand closures or QUICKLOC™ Side Attachments in a variety of colours.

For a comprehensive list of features, visit, or contact us for a custom quote to start building your high-performance armour system today.

About PRE Labs Inc.

With the industry’s most innovative technology and the most trusted certifications behind our body armour products, PRE Labs has become a choice supplier of armour to security, defence, military and police organizations across North America and the world.

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