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Jun 14, 2021

Tailor Your Loadout in Seconds with PRE Labs' ‘Adaptive Response Platforms’

The platforms attach to the front of the carrier and are quick to interchange without having to remove the carrier or cover up critical equipment.

The platforms attach to the front of the carrier and are quick to interchange without having to remove the carrier or cover up critical equipment.

Kelowna, British Columbia - Law enforcement and first responders encounter a variety of situations which can require a multitude of supporting gear. Occasionally, it is not possible to have all the essential equipment readily available, and too much gear can add significant bulk and weight to the body armour carrier.

To address these challenges, PRE Labs has developed its new Adaptive Response Platform (ARP™) to help those on the front lines carry what they need when they need it, in a seamlessly integrated carrier placard system. It is available now as on option on PRE Labs Tactical Armour Systems in a variety of colours. 

“We developed the platform to enhance operational efficiency, situational safety, and access to critical equipment,” said Brad Field, Chief Executive Officer at PRE Labs. “Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest level of protection and performance from our products, and the ARP™ is another exciting and innovative advancement from our team.” 

The ARP™ on the Denali™ Tactical Armour System.

The ARP™ allows for the rapid deployment of diverse gear configurations to prepare for any mission on the fly. Officers can have multiple platforms at the ready for patrol, active shooter, medic, K-9 scenarios, or any custom configurations as required. 

No more misplaced or covered up gear. No more unnecessary added weight. The platforms attach to the front of the carrier and are quick to interchange due to self-aligning magnetic fasteners and industrial strength hook and loop that secure them in place.

The ARP™ System on a Dark Navy Denali Tactical Armour System

ARP™ on the Amaruq™ Tactical Armour System

Self-aligning magnetic buckels on the ARP System from PRE Labs

ARP™ on the Denali™ Tactical Armour System

Features of the ARP™ include: 

  • Seamlessly integrates onto the Amaruq™ and Denali™ Tactical Armour Systems
  • Streamlined and lightweight. Made from the same quality, durable materials as PRE Labs high-performance tactical carriers 
  • Ultra strong (200 kg / 440 lbs load capacity) and self-aligning magnetic fasteners allow for the rapid interchange of preconfigured platforms
  • Industrial strength rear VELCRO® Brand Closures and multi-layer construction reinforce platform and gear stability
  • Maximizes gear configuration options with comprehensive laser-cut MOLLE attachment points
  • Universal PALS/MOLLE platform compatibility
  • Designed to allow for continuous access to the front carrier pocket
  • ARP™ carrier system only, pouches sold separately

Availability and Options: 

  • The platform is available to order today as an option on the Amaruq™ or Denali™ Tactical Armour Systems directly from PRE Labs, or through the Company’s dealer and distribution partners. 
  • Customers can choose to include any number of additional platforms for multiple gear configuration options. 
  • Sold as add-on platforms to the ARP™ configured carrier system. All pouches sold separately. Currently issued vests cannot be retrofitted.
  • Each armour system is custom-made to order and specifically designed to fit the wearer, manufacturing lead times apply and will be communicated to customers at the time of order. 

The ARP™ has already been evaluated and selected by two major Canadian police teams and deliveries to these customers are well under way.

To learn more, visit or contact PRE Labs for a custom quote. 

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With the industry’s most innovative technology and the most trusted certifications behind our body armour products, PRE Labs has become a choice supplier of armour to security, defence, military and police organizations across North America and the world.

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