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Concealable Carriers

Dyami™ Concealable Carrier


Dyami is the word for 'eagle' in the Sioux language. The eagle represents courage, wisdom, and strength.

Carrier Features

  •  Constructed from a combination of Bountiful Polycotton blend, and A.M.Y Polyester Mesh with Sorbek coating for odor control and antibacterial/antimicrobial properties.
  •  Features an antimicrobial and antibacterial OUTLAST® thermal control layer to regulate body temperature.
  •  Four fully adjustable VELCRO® brand side closures.
  •  Two fully adjustable shoulder tabs featuring VELCRO® brand closures.
  •  Compatible with a variety of NIJ certified soft armour solutions for Level II, IIIA, Spike and Knife protection.
  •  Durable No. 3 Coil Zipper for easy insertion of ballistic panels.
  •  Internal trauma pocket designed to accommodate various sizes of trauma pad or plates.
  •  Optional front and rear tuck-in tails for added comfort. 

Colour Options

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