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Spike/Stab Body Armour

SPK3 Level 3 Spike Body Armour


The SPK3 Level 3 Certified armour panels are a lightweight and flexible solution for maximum stab and puncture protection.

Panel Features

  • Weight (Areal Density): 2.68 kg/m2 (0.55 p/sf)
  • Thinness: 3.3 mm (0.13 in)
  • Constructed from advanced lightweight materials
  • Designed for operator comfort and mobility
  • Ultrasonically sealed to eliminate exposure to moisture, ultraviolet radiation, or damaging chemicals
  • Antibacterial and antimicrobial to protect against odor and discoloration
  • Certified to NIJ Standard 0115.00 Spike Level 3
  • 5 Year warranty on all PRE Labs armour panels

Download Spike/Stab Panel Spec Sheet

Techincal Specifications

Threat Level Spike Level 3 Certified
Gender Neutral
Test Standard NIJ Standard 0115.00
Ballistic Material Woven Twaron
Weight (Areal Density) 2.68 kg/m2 (0.55 p/sf)
Thinness 3.3 mm (0.13 in)

NIJ Standard 0115.00

The NIJ 0115.00 standard establishes minimum performance requirements and test methods for the stab resistance of personal body armor intended to protect the torso against slash and stab threats.

All PRE Labs Spike/Stab armour panels are tested to be compliant with the performance standards established by the NIJ. This ensures that you recieve the umost in protection and performance from your PRE Labs body armour.

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